The Schooner Noorderlicht is a three masted schooner with grandeur and a surprisingly good sailor! When the Noorderlicht was refitted to become a charter vessel, it was taking into account, that people should have as much space on board as pissibbe. You will find the Noorderlicht has a big saloon for this purpose, the rooms are well sized, there is a bar and professional kitchen. The cabins are 2 person bunk bed cabins, there are 4 toilets and 4 showers.

There is an extra saloon on deck, for extra lounge space. The Noorderlicht is very well fitted for long and short stay! Rent the whole ship for a week, or use the ship as your venue during a wedding or business meeting.

During the EOC-Traditionele Schepen Beurs the owners will be on board and will be able to answer all of your questions! You can visit the Noorderlicht all day long during the event, but you can also stay for the night!

One night Boat & Breakfast costs €35 per person. Payment is done on board.